Identity theft is happening more frequently than we know. Although its alarming and troubling we continue to ignore the signs. How long will we continue to be victims of Identity theft?

Now I know that you’re thinking why is he writing about identity theft? Glad you asked. This blog is not about someone stealing your social and opening credit cards and splurging on your credit. Nor am I talking about someone scamming you at the gas station.

The Identity Theft I’m referring to is within ourselves. When we force ourselves to buy into things we’ve heard or seen with out addressing if its truly a great move for you to make. Or even when we reach success and dont feel fulfilled from it simply because we are chasing the next thing. Maybe its simply not feeling yourself at times. We all battle identity theft in many different ways and forms. So let’s talk about a few ways to overcome Identity Theft.

“To buy in or not to buy in that is the question?”

We all find inspiration in different ways  and for me its mostly found from my morning podcast. Every morning the first thing I do is listen to “The Quote of The Day Show” by Sean Croxton and The Mindset Mentor” by Rob Dial (links will be below highly recommend you to check them out) Within those podcast alot of Gems are dropped on a daily and also alot of advice. With that advice its ultimately up to you to determine if you will buy into it or not. I strongly urge you to pace yourself on your decision. If you commit to quick after a few days, weeks, or how ever long you decide to do it you can feel un accomplished. I suggest you sit with the decision first then react. From my personal experience I would be all in the moment I hear a challenge or some advice. Make the changes immediately and 10 days later would not feel any fulfillment. Then I question myself and beat myself up about failing. However I realize now that it’s not FAILURE. Its Identifying the task did not fit into my life or add value in ways i needed it to. So take your time joining challenges and taking advice and immediately running with it or buying in. The golden rule is “Good things come to those who wait!” So be patient with your decisions to commit.

“Im Successful but I’m not Fulfilled”

It was brought to my attention by a great friend of mine of a syndrome called “Imposter Syndrome”. When I heard that term i thought it was a syndrome where you try to be something or someone you’re not, but when they broke it down to me and i did some research it ultimately defined a person that is never satisfied with their success and or accomplishment. Also not being able to accept praise or compliments for success. A person always seeking out the next big thing. I’ve experienced this from time to time and it’s scary to be quite honest. At times I felt that I was just being humble or modest when people would congratulate me or when I would get recognized for any achievement or success. However deep down I had this feeling of unsatisfacation or doubt that I was not good enough or even how did I qualify. Now that I have a better understanding on this heres the actions I’m taking to control the issue

1. Learn to live in the MOMENT. I need to be present in the moment at all times.

2. Pace myself with goal setting. Having alot of goals is not a bad thing, but for me I need to pace myself when achieving them. Adapting a marathon mindset instead of a sprinters mindset. Slow and steady wins the race

3. Accept praise and success with a simple “Thank You”. Often times we feel we have to have an explanation when someone says congrats or showers you with praise. We often shrug it off and say things like “Thanks,but i…..” I’m going to let you feel in the blank. In reality all it takes is a simple “Thank you” practice doing this I guarantee the reward will be greater and you will have true acceptance of success and praise.

Lastly when you dont feel YOURSELF. We are the biggest victims to this Identity Theft. Majority of people go through life daily not feeling like themselves. I urge you to Identify it and seek out those things that fulfill you and solidify who you are as a person. Go back to the basics. Only you know what it feels like to be You right? Talk to someone. In my experience when I wasn’t feeling like myself, talking to someone brought the self awareness of why I wasn’t feeling like me. Then once I heard myself speak, I could address why this was happening. Establish a routine and or structure that brings value to life, and control your environment and energy. These things will fulfill and restore you back to your ORIGI(NAL) self.

Let’s stop the constant cycle of IDENTITY THEFT. We owe it to ourselves to live out our Best life and to be the best versions of us on a daily.


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