Are you overlooking your potential? I believe we set a goal and only look at the end results. We get fired up and go all in. One thing that I see is that we get down on ourselves when we dont accomplish those set goals. Or when we face ADVERSITY through out the journey. This is caused by overlooking your potential each step of the way.

DAY BY DAY- Each day is important. Every day adds value to your potential. I had this epiphany while quarantined due to COVID-19. The gyms are closed and I’m pushing myself to do home workouts. I had become frustrated about certain areas that I focused on leading up to the quarantine. Then it hit me like a truck. You may not be in your same routine but there is POTENTIAL right now. That taught me to be grateful with my current potential so I could see how to reach my full potential. I was down playing the work I’ve been putting in just because my environment was different. The days still go on and the goal is the same no matter the environment. Take each day as a stepping stone to reach your full potential.

“LOOK UP” – If the goal is set what’s next? GRATITUDE! To reach full potential expressing gratitude excels you forward. Let’s say you set a short term goal of 6 month, that third month maybe the most frustrating. You’ve put in sweat equity, you’ve been doubted throughout so far. I’ve learned a phrase “Look Up” this year. “Look Up” means no matter how hard you’re going look up and be grateful. “Look Up” at your current accomplishments and potential. What you are grateful for now helps you reach full potential. “Look Up” equals GRATITUDE!!!!

Let’s work on being our biggest critic. Its nothing wrong with being hard on yourself. We need to start ADDRESSING ourselves vs ATTACKING ourselves. Look at your current progress as POTENTIAL. Changing your perspective will be your greatest asset to your goal. Be Grateful for that potential to reach your full POTENTIAL.



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